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WARNING: This is not a fluffy, pampering, get a foot massage and put cucumbers on your eyes and pretend you actually learned something program. If you want that, go to a spa. I hear they charge big bucks for that. If you want to learn the time tested Taoist secrets of immortality, and are willing to sweat, learn, grow, and expand yourself mentally and physically, then please read on......

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Immortality: This of course does not mean that your physical body lives forever. All physical forms end. Even the Sun will die someday. Taoist Immortality means to live every moment fully alive and present, and to embrace each moment with the razor sharp focus of a Zen master, the inner-peace of a Buddhist monk, the deliberateness of a General, and the playfulness of a child. It also means that you do not spend your later years slowly dying, because you are constantly learning, growing and moving. The Taoists have been researching and developing the alchemy (science) of keeping the mind, body and spirit alive and vibrant so as we age, we do not diminish in skill. From a Taoist viewpoint, to live to be 108 year old in good health is a normal thing.

Side note: The Taoism I am referring to is not a religion; it is a system of health, healing, happiness, science, longevity and immortality. I promise you, my tax returns prove it is not a religion!

April 19, 2014

Dear Friend,

As you probably know, we are living in a health care crisis. The nutritional value of our food supply is decreasing; obesity levels in the country are on the rise. Let's face it, your health insurance company does not care about you. To them, you are a number on a balance sheet. They will do everything they can to keep you in the "profit" column and out of the "loss" column. How about the government? Depending on Medicare, medicade or any other government program to aid your health is about as wise as believing that social security will take care of you when you get old. It won't happen.

So the question is, what does this have to do with your health?

And the answer is: NOTHING!

You have zero control over the countries health and 100% control over yours. True health care is caring for your health. No one can be more concerned about your vitality and inner-peace than you.

Only you can take care of you. Nature adheres to it's own laws, and does not care about excuses or stories. This is the harsh reality of life. If you don't have the time, money, discipline or focus to devote a percentage of your time to your health and vitality, you will pay. It does not matter if you or I think that is unfair, or if you have a good excuse. Nature does not listen to excuses.

"Before I began the Zen Yoga Immortality program I was a border-line diabetic, with high blood pressure on medication (my blood pressure was around 150/90), with very high cholesterol, feeling tired, achy, stressed and arguing with my family. I weighed 250 pounds, the heaviest that I have in my life. The bottom line was that I was very unhappy. Since then, I lost 45 pounds, I am no longer on blood pressure meds with a baseline blood pressure of 120/60. My baseline heart rate dropped form 80 to 60 (the lowest ever), my cholesterol dropped 60 points and my good cholesterol went up 10 points, I am no longer a border line diabetic, my stress levels decreased, I rarely argue with my family, and my overall happiness has increased dramatically. Pursuing a path of immortality is a powerful process. I now strive to be fully alive and present in every moment my vitality level is outstanding, especially considering the long hours I work in my medical practice. I have been so impressed with the outcome I have received that I now recommend this program to my patients."

Dr. Michael Keller
Southwest Family Practice
Avondale, AZ

Here's the problem:

As you know, society is very different than it was years ago. Your role has changed. You no longer have to hunt for your food, or worry about a tiger attacking you. However society has a new type of "tiger". Just as ferocious...just as hungry...and a lot more cunning. It comes in many forms and has many names: this "new tiger" is called STRESS, UN-CONCIOUSNESS, DIS-EASE, and an underlying feeling of PAIN.

For example, have you ever experienced?

A lack of energy a feeling of "sluggishness" that prevents you from accomplishing your goals?

A high level of stress when you can't "turn off" your thinking mind. An example is laying awake in bed, unable to sleep, and your mind runs wild with all the things you have to "do".

Do the "little things" take up a majority of your time, energy and focus? Do you sometimes feel like you are majoring in minor things"?

You are not alone. Most people experience this, especially professionals. I have good news, and it is not a pill, potion or lotion. It is not a fad or craze, it is not the latest ab machine you see on late night TV. It is a time-tested ancient formula for health and happiness. The ancient masters developed this, and it can be yours. However, if you are not willing to learn, grow and sweat, go see a plastic surgeon, buy the ab-machine, the diet pill and please stop reading.

Chad Tracy, professional baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks uses the Zen Yoga Immortality Program to heal knee injury, gain physical strength and mental focus and sharpness

Chad Tracy, professional baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks uses the Zen Yoga Immortality Program

"I used the Zen Yoga Taoist Chi Gong Immortality program to help me recover from a knee injury I got at the end of last season. I look forward to bringing the physical strength and mental focus I have gained into the game."

Chad Tracy
Arizona Diamondbacks

So what is the secret to health and longevity?

"As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself."

- Adelle Davis

The eastern cultures have been researching and developing longevity secrets for thousands of years. Until recently, they were held in strict secrecy.

Check out this famous story:

The analogy that one of my teachers used to make was that of a blade. If you have a blade that is a few hundred years old you will think of it as being old and rusty. But what if you cleaned and sharpened it daily? Your blade will be sharp shine brightly. The same is true with health. "Polish your blade" daily and you can stay strong as you age.

Below is a famous story of master Li Ching-Yuen. There are many stories in Asian folklore similar to the one below. My personal opinion is that like most folklore, there is some truth and some myth to the stories. Read it and decide for your self.

250-Year Old Man

Li Ching-Yuen was born in 1678 A.D. (Ching Kang Shi 17th Year) in Chyi Jiang Hsien, Szechuan province, during the seventeenth year of the Manchu Emperor Kang Shi's Reign. He left home at an early age and traveled around southern China with a group of itinerant herb traders, from whom he learned the basics of herbalism.

Later he immigrated to Kai Hsien, Chen's family field (Chen Jia Charng). Lee had the good fortune to meet several highly accomplished Taoist masters, who taught him internal alchemy and chi kung and showed him how to utilize diet and herbal supplements for health and longevity. Master Li was not a celibate. Over the course of his long life he married 14 times, and by the time of his death in 1928, he counted almost 200 living descendants within his extended family.

When he was 71 years old (1749 A.D., Chyan Long 14th Year), he joined the army of provincial Commander-in-Chief Yeuh Jong Chyi.

Li was a herbalist, and skilled in Chi Kung and spent much of his life in the mountain ranges. In 1927 General Yang Sen invited Li to his residence in Wann Hsien, Szechuan province, where a picture was taken of him. He died in 1928 A.D. at the age of 250 years, the year after he returned from this trip.

After he died, General Yang investigated Li's background to determine the truth of his story, and later wrote a report about him entitled: "A Factual Account of the 250 Year-Old Good-Luck Man" (Er Bae Wuu Shyr Suey Ren Ruey Shyr Jih), which was published by the Chinese and Foreign Literature Storehouse (Jong Wai Wen Kuh), Taipei, Taiwan.

Modern scholars confirmed his identity, traced his life all the way back to the year of his birth, and conclusively verified his lifespan. Master Lee's life demonstrates how well Taoist longevity techniques work when properly practiced. Master Lee continued to take long hikes in the mountains until the final years of his life; he remained sexually active for over two centuries, never became senile and died with all of his own teeth and most of his hair.

Quote from one of his students:

"Da Liu has a remarkable tale about his teacher, Li Ch'ing Yuen, who was born in 1678 in China. He married fourteen times, had 180 direct descendants spanning eleven generations, and lived to be 250 years old, according to Da Liu. Three years before his death in 1930, a Chinese General met Li Ch'ing Yuen and later described his physical appearance: He has good eyesight and a brisk stride; Li stands seven feet tall, has very long fingernails, and a ruddy complexion. Many of Li's disciples were over 100 years old. What was the secret to his longevity? When he was 130 years old, he encountered a very old man in the mountains. This man claimed to be 500 years old and attributed his longevity to having practiced a set of exercises similar to Tai Chi Ch'uan. Called Ba-Kua, they included specific sounds, breathing instructions, dietary, and herbal recommendations. The mountain hermit taught these to Li Ch'ing Yuen and he taught them to Da Liu."

Source: http://www.tienshan.net/benefits.html

Consider this:

You go to a gym, and develop your bicep. That is a good thing. If you are currently doing this, keep up the good work. However, what they found thousands of years ago in the East, is that you don't die of a bad bicep. You die of a hear attack. The eastern health arts focus on joint and organ strength, not just muscular strength. This had been researched and developed through what is called the 5-Element theory. Your organs are connected to meridians and vessels that circulate energy through out your body. Your level of health and vitality will be in direct proportion to your organ health and your circulation of energy. This is difficult to explain in a short letter students spend 4 years in medical (acupuncture) school to learn this. We have simplified this teaching into a 3-month module you will learn the 5-Elements and how they apply to increase your health, happiness and longevity. Let me say just this: If you have ever seen 80 year old Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Chi Gong masters move like a 30 year old, that is the reason why.

Also: Most people run on a treadmill and watch Oprah on TV (This could be any television show, of course). Think about that. Your body is on the treadmill, and your mind is somewhere else. You are ACTIVELY dis-connecting your mind and body. It amazes me that people do this for years and wonder why they still feel "scattered" in their everyday life.

The personal benefits I have gained are far too numerous to mention her. I will say that before I started the Zen Yoga Immortality program, I did not understand the meaning of my life, which is to be fully present in each and every moment. I also did not understand cause and effect, and how the lifestyle decisions I was making had a negative affect on me and my family. I used to only sleep 3-hours per night from 10-years of chronic back pain (fully cured now!) I now sleep as many hours as I want. I have also used the principles I learned in my business. My relationship with my employees is much better and I have increased my revenues by 120% (soon to by 200%). I used to drink heavily, and realized this was not serving me in a positive way. I can now enjoy an adult beverage without going overboard. My relationship with my wife and children has also greatly improved. Thank you Master Campbell for the life changing experience.

David Rodriguez
Peoria, AZ

In my Zen Yoga Immortality Program, you will learn the formula for immortality and inner-peace.

Formula? Did you say formula?

Yes, there is a formula. Like baking a cake. Stick to the recipe and you will get the desired result. Randomly throw ingredients in to a bowl, cook it at a random temperature for a random time and you won't get cake. You will get something else, and usually what you get is NOT GOOD. Most people live their lives this way. A random plan for happiness and health. A little of this, a little of that, and the result is............. I'm not happy! Mmmmmm...surprised? You should not be. Masters and grandmasters taught me this formula. I did not make it up. I followed it and I got the result I wanted. Immortality and inner-peace. You can too.

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How you move:

Most people use only a minimal range of motion (what you don't use, you loose), or at best go the gym and "work out". This is of course better than sitting on the couch eating cheese puffs, but it is in general a very inefficient use of time and energy if your goals are longevity and inner peace. The eastern masters have known these secrets for thousands of years.

"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

You will learn the mechanics of the body, including:

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2nd Ingredient is:

How you eat.

Ok, there is more information and books on diet available to fill a small country. Here is what you will not do: count points, count carbs, eat bacon for breakfast while cutting out all vegetables (not sure how that diet got popular,) get rigid, eat pre-packaged food, starve your self, hate yourself for eating a muffin or any other stupid diet fad or form of self-torture.

"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."

"Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness."
Hippocrates - Greek physician (460 BC - 377 BC)

The thing to remember is that after 40-years of age food becomes either medicine or poison. Think about that statement. When you eat "for comfort", there is a price to pay. I will occasionally eat ice cream with my kids. It is a fun, bonding experience and does not effect my health in a negative way. If I start chowin down ice every night in front of the TV to "chill out" and relax then the price on my health is greater.

Here is what you will learn;

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OK here is the 3rd ingredient of the immortality equation:

"What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease."

- George Dennison Prentice

How you think:

In my opinion this ingredient is overlooked and neglected by western medicine. However, without understanding the mechanics of mind you will forever be a slave to your own thoughts, and inner-peace elude you, no matter how much "diet and exercise" you do. It was written many years ago "As a man thinketh, he shall become." I am fortunate to have studied with top masters and grand masters who have shared with me the ancient secrets of not only understanding the mechanics of mind, but also learning how to direct and channel it to create any reality that I choose.

Here is what you will learn:

Through out history, students were put though great trials (and abuse) to learn these secrets. Many would have to endure years of waiting while the master tested their resolve. The master did not want to waste his time with a student that would quit when it got difficult. (The movie, "Kill Bill 2" portrays this stereotype well.)

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No need for you to
climb the mountain to learn this.....

I will bring the wisdom of the mountain to you.

I have spent about 20-years training in the eastern arts and have been teaching full time for the last 17-years. I have trained with many masters and grandmasters learning the secrets of health, healing and longevity. It was not uncommon to sleep on a hard wood floor at the master's house, waiting for him to come home (sometimes at 3am) to have an opportunity to learn. No, you won't be sleeping on the floor at my house (don't think my wife would approve), but you will learn the secrets.

We have collectively put together a comprehensive, user-friendly program that you can learn and benefit from this ancient wisdom and secrets of the masters.

Be wise.

Be deliberate.

Be disciplined.

Be strong.

Be wise by creating a plan for your health and wellness. Create the plan when you are in an inspired state. Be the master, because you are the master of your life.

Be deliberate by setting yourself up to win. There is an ancient, time-tested path for health and longevity. Many have done this before you, do not re-invent the wheel.

Be disciplined by adhering to your goals. Recognize weak moments as just that, a weak moment. Nothing more. Allow it to pass and move on. A plane is off course 95% of the journey to a destination. It gets to the destination because it continuously adjusts its course and stays focused on the target. Do the same with your life.

Be strong in your body; be strong in your mind. Make the life-changing decision to live with health happiness and inner-peace.

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Picture in your mind the feeling of confidence and inner-peace if you:

Woke up each morning with a feeling of energy and purpose, ready to fully engage the day. Hey you are practicing immortality of course you will feel this way!

Knew that every week, you were getting stronger, mentally, physically and emotionally and you use this strength to help your career, family and friends.


Immortality does not discriminate against age, size or shape. The universe does not care about your "story", excuses, your past or even your future.

All of our Zen Yoga instructors go through rigorous training, certification and continuing education (from me and other master teachers).

Just picture this...

Your day begins you are present, focused, relaxed and self-assured. The old sense of fatigue and sluggishness is gone, replaced by a sense of purpose and vitality.

As you begin your day, you are pleased to notice yourself dealing with others in a strong, confident manner...completely relaxed and at ease, with a higher "self-concept." When you "think

Remember that this is not a take a "pill and don't be responsible for your life plan." You will sweat, you will train, you will learn, you will go beyond your comfort zone.

highly of yourself and begin to eliminate the negative "self-talk" you will begin to notice a new level of respect with which you are treated by colleagues, family and co-workers and friends.

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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

It saddens me that so many adults walking around like zombies, un-happy and un-healthy. They do not know how to access these skills. They do not know that inner-peace is not only possible, but that there is a proven road map to achieve it. The biggest challenge is to get started and create momentum. When a train leaves the station it works the hardest when it starts to gain speed. Once it gains momentum it requires less effort. The same is true when you begin the immortality training. Once you get momentum, it becomes a habit.

Think about it: You have 168 hours in a week. If you devote just a few hours per week to YOU, you will feel the difference.


Most people leave themselves out of their long term planning. Oops.... This is a mistake. How often do you hear of a "retiree" dealing with health problems soon after they achieve their dream of financial independence? I recently read that the average man dies 2 years after retirement. I believe this to be from a lack of growing, moving, learning and contributing. When you stop expanding (growing) you start contracting (dying). This is natures law. Don't let this be you. If I worked many years to achieve financial independence only to deal with health problems, well, I would not be happy. Actually, I think that sucks. Is that a case of poor life design? Perhaps, but most likely it is a case of NO LIFE DESIGN.

I look forward to your success and hope to meet you in person at a live event.

Blessings - Jason Campbell

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