200 Hour Certification


Transformation to fit your lifestyle. There are so many ways that we can use technology - one higher vibrational way is to help us develop as individuals. Use your mobile device or other media source to your highest advantage through the cultivation of a stronger physical body, clarity of mind and emotional harmony that you may ultimately use to share with others.


300 Hour Certification


Once you have completed your 200-hour course, the 300-hour certification course is designed to enhance what you have learned and take you deeper into the state of yogic being. With a similar mind, body and energy format you will learn how to use the practice to best harmonize with the 5 seasons of TCM.


Chakra Course


Focused on the energy wheels of our body, the Chakra Course delivers profound lessons in just how important a balanced chakra system can be! Uncover the physical movements, visualizations and sounds used to bring harmony back to your Chakras.


Moving Mindfully to the Breath - COMING SOON

60 MINUTES $60 • 75 MINUTES $95

For the practitioner and teacher alike, transitions and breathing patterns during yoga movement will change the experience and open channels when done rhythmically and steadily. A quick course to get you breathing in time and flowing with the asanas.




Energy highways (simmilar to nadi’s) in the physical body carry energy to and from our vital organs. The Meridians course outlines what they are, where they are located, the theory behind them and specific breathing techniques to achieve a steady energy flow.


Just the Flow


Skip all the theory and go right into moving the body with one of the 5 seasonal Zen Yoga Flow Series. Take your time and notes, practice for the entire season and glow with the benefits of seasonal harmony.


Just Breath


Pranayamas are breathing techniques in the practice of yoga. Each technique creates a different sensation and outcome in the body and mind. Learn 15 breathing techniques (3 for each season) that you can practice almost anywhere to balance, enliven or calm.


Intro to Chinese Astrology


‘To know thyself is wisdom’. Chinese astrology not only teaches us about ourselves, but offers us clues of how our own nature can cause our own suffering. If you know what part of you gets in your own way, you will be in choice to let it keep tripping you up or not. The same goes for knowing others, if you get to know what parts of other peoples natures jive well with you or conflict, the choice will be yours how to engage. Get started with Chinese Astrology here. *Optional Personal 4 Pillars/Lifepath additional $108



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