It was like walking through a door I never even knew was there. The one element that made the most impression on me was the evident and demonstrated fact that this is truely a practice for everyone. Age, physical condition, agility do not truely matter. Refinement of the practice is internal. Strength and agility come with time, practice, and dedication, and possibly in different forms and outward expressions based on the individual. .
— Yvonne, Phoenix

I just started but I love the atmosphere and the knowledge of the Masters. It is a wonderful exercise for my Brain as well as my body and balance.
— Tanya, Arizona

I love the simplicity of the way this course is being taught. Thank you!.
— Juaniece, California

The best gift you can give yourself is a membership! Awesome place to learn about your health and earn your Chi. Thank you for this life changing experience! You are the best!
— Connie, Nebraska

Wow! I hadn’t really planned on completing a 200hr yoga training course in retirement but I am so glad I did. I had always been drawn to yoga mostly for the “exercise.”Now I see it as a meditative physical practice that has taught me how to center myself, breath properly, align appropriately, strengthen my body and explore my spirit.
— Mary Lou, Sun City West

So happy to find this place! They make you feel very welcome and ease you into the programs slowly! Highly recommend!
— Robyn, Surprise

The staff is exemplar, each bringing their own uniqueness to their participants. I focus on Yoga & just experienced a informative & useful class entitled The Art of Alignment taught by Colleen Inman. The Yoga class I taught this morning greatly benefitted from the knowledge I gleaned & appreciated some new techniques to find that “perfect spot” for your body. Thank you Zen. Namaste
— Carol, USA

I can’t remember being this excited or passionate about something my whole life.
— LInda, Sun City Grand