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What is Zen Yoga?

Zen Yoga is a proprietary system taught by Zen Wellness. Zen Yoga is a revolutionary yoga system that combines elements of Taoist Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Qigong. Zen Yoga synthesizes the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the 8 Trigrams of the I Ching, “the Book of Changes” and the asanas of traditional yoga into one cutting edge system.

Around the time of 527AD, an Indian monk named Da Mo, or Bodidharma traveled to China from India and brought yoga to the Chinese monks. This informed the already present practice of qigong in China and the two fused together into the system of qigong that is passed along today. In this way, what many have practiced as qigong has long been married to the art of yoga.

Zen Wellness has brought these two popular ancient yet modern longevity systems together and created the Zen Yoga program which synthesizes the profound usefulness of yoga, the energetic anatomy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, movements and techniques from Taoist Immortality Yoga and body wisdom and mind intention of Qigong.


One main principle in Zen Yoga is the “Water Wheel” teaching where you learn how to cool the head and warm the abdomen. In TCM, many ills are experienced because we have excess heat in the head and heart (heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure are examples.) You will notice the water wheel teachings throughout this book and corresponding video. You will also notice elements from the I Ching relating to the postures of yoga. These are just a couple ways that our Zen Yoga system is a unique blend of harmonious ancient arts.

 There is no other yoga system available like Zen Yoga.

If you are interested in learning Zen Yoga, becoming an instructor, or opening a Zen Yoga school, contact us at info@zenwellness.com.