‘Balancing the Wood Element: A New Leaf’

At Zen Yoga, our core mission is to pay forward the teachings of the ancient wisdom. Teacher to student the traditions of how to live a lifestyle closer to harmony, tranquility and ones true self. The path of a yogi is a simple path, yet requires much desire and persistance. 

Zen Yoga is a transformational process that will not only stretch your body, but take you past the limits of your current mind and is not to be taken lightly. Consider that if you are not ready for the changes that come with illumination, this particular process might not be for you. A yoga program that is more surface more condusive, as this program has more to it than a good workout (although you will get that too!)

Our instructors are world class, with their unique value and offerings to the yogic path, bridging hatha and qigong modalities for health and integration of mind, body and self. Passionate about uncovering universal truths and methods to maintain a sense of well being on all three levels of being, the Zen Yoga staff continues their process in learning. All to pay it forward to you.

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