Early to bed, Early to Rise

It never ceases to amaze me just how many sayings are embedded into our culture that are supporting the wisdom of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

TCM bases our daily activities to align with the natural flow of energy through our organ systems. Western thought has a similar idea called the 'circadian rhythm'. 

These rhythms show that during each segment of the day, the majority of our blood and Qi (energy) remains in one organ at a time acting like a maintenance and repair crew. When we live in harmony with this cycle determined by nature, then we live well over all. When we disregard this flow, thinking we know better than nature, then we tend to become more misaligned as time passes. 

Its kind of a big teaching for an email, however the basis of it includes rise early with (or before) the sun, sleep soon after the sun goes down. Do your analytical thinking in the morning hours and all of your actual actions in the mid-day and late afternoon. Make sure to destress in the early evening and spend some time at the end of the day with someone or something that brings a soothing joy. Sure there are more details, however this is a nice start :-)

Find the rhythm friend

Jason Campbell