Standing in Darkness

There may come a time where you find yourself standing surrounded by darkness and negativity, and the only thing standing between remaining in the light or you becoming part of that darkness is sheer choice and strength of will. It is said "that which lives in darkness is unconscious, and that which lives in the light is conscious." This does not make one good or bad per se, simply that fundamentally we are conscious beings that are meant to remember that we are the light as we transit the unconscious material world of dark matter. 

Albeit a dark topic, the truth in the room is that it is easy to fall prey to heavy thoughts when surrounded by those who do not envelop the light. It is easy to identify with the world of form instead of our vibrant higher self. This is where the boldness of one's qi comes into play. Qigong literally translates into energy work. 

Just as it takes some form of energy to light up a lamp, it takes energy to light up your personal power to shine both as to see and be seen. Intuitively, we know that we want light in our life. Without light not only would we be in darkness, but also void of life.

To be the light you need to connect to the power source and a have guide to go within to that source of internal brilliance. Although it is difficult to explain this in a short email, I can give you a starting point. 

Start by taking a little time each day to go deep within and to recharge your battery using the process of mindful breath. Try using this music as a introductory is designed as a training tool. Listen for the bell and breathe in, then on the next bell breathe out. Repeat as often as possible.

Shine brightly

Jason Campbell