Why do we get sick?

One short answer is stress. Stress takes us to a flight or fight response.

If we are in flight or fight mode, our blood and energy is in the hands and feet and not protecting our vital organs and in our immune system. We must have our blood and energy in our core digesting foreign invaders. Our digestion is THE most important process. 

Did you know that in both TCM and Ayurvedic medicine the most important process of the body is digestion? The ability to digest food, break down and digest unwanted forgiven invaders like harmful bacteria and viral material, and assimilate information or acquired knowledge is of upmost concern. In both modalities if you cannot break down or digest these items then the stresses of the material world will begin to increase the aging process. 

Ones ability and power of digestion is first attacked by stress. When one stresses the blood and circulation leave the major organs and immune system and go to the feet and hands for our fight or flight response to stress. This leaves our systems vulnerable. Research shows that all bacteria's, viruses and diseases are always present in our bodies and around us. The only reason we do not get sick and rapidly age is because we have strong digestion to manage the invaders. Wellness is not just removing stress, it is the inclusion of joy in ones life. We do this at Zen Wellness through a meditation where we breath out the emotion of shock on the exhale, and inhale the feeling of mindful joy. Simple enough to do anywhere.

Its time to de-stress and be in joy

Jason Campbell