Merry Go Round

Close your eyes and imagine walking up to a Merry Go Round…

You are about to step up and find your spot for the ride. 

Here is the question - do you look for a horse that calls to you? Or do you spend your time looking for the horse first in line?

Almost a trick question - there is no first horse in line because it is circular. You choose your horse by feeling the experience you want to have, not by logic of which horse will win the race.

Entering into the path of qigong or yoga is the same. So many people want to start from the ‘beginning’ but the problem is the path is a circular Merry Go Round. All you need to do is step ‘onto the ride’ (the path) and ‘pick a horse’ (teacher) then hang on and be in enjoyment of the ride. 

Its our western mind that needs a ‘beginning’ intro course to qigong or yoga. But the truth in the room is that the beginning is wherever and whenever you start. 

Are you ready to ride?

Jason Campbell