Ever had a song that you just couldn’t get out of your head?

What makes something get trapped in your head that you just loop and loop? And did it get there on purpose? Or by happenstance?

Ideally, we want our headspace to only have things in it that we intentionally put there. If there is something that crept in, kinda like a weed in the garden, it needs to be realized and removed. 

Then the bigger question...how do you realize that there are things in your head that you didn't put there? The answer is…...meditation. The activation of the watcher of the thoughts is the most important piece of meditation. You are that which sees the thoughts, and that which whom can determine which thoughts remain or have to leave. 

If you feel mentally dark or heavy, there is a good chance there are a lot of thoughts floating around in your head that you did not put there on purpose. Sound like a big task? Try simply sitting and watching your breath first. See when you lose your focus on your breath and notice that it is because a thought came up. See what that thought is - decide if its purposeful or not. Repeat until desired result is reached. 

Try this simple 5 minute discipline: Be still, close your eyes and breathe naturally. Play this 5 min track (from my new album coming out next Friday).

Be still.

Ask yourself this question: I wonder what thought I am going to have next. Then observe your thoughts. See if you can have a moment of “not thinking." Empty the garbage between your ears :) Let me know how this goes. Here is the link to the new album.

Time to empty the garbage

Jason Campbell